Your relationship with food:

As with all of my clients, your lifestyle and food choices are highly personal and are many years in the making. And if you’re human, some of your choices aren’t great.  The good news is that I can teach you to redirect some of your behaviors with a sane, doable, science-based, and sustainable approach.

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My 12 Nutrition Pillars

  1. Diet is a 4-letter word
  2. Eat one-ingredient foods
  3. Calorie-counting is useless
  4. Poor nutrition is a form of self-abuse
  5. It’s OK to be hungry (benefits of Intermittent Fasting)
  6. Supplementation is necessary
  7. Use science to guide choices with nutrition and supplementation (food sensitivities, gut health, hormones/cortisol/thyroid/lipids/glucose testing)
  8. Invest in high quality food and supplements. The ROI is priceless.
  9. Sugar is the devil’s work
  10. Fat does not make you fat
  11. Fat free and sugar free = chemical “$hit” storm